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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (July 27)

Elaborate more of your happiness in the now and let people see that you are happy



Astrology, horoscope

1. Aries

“Blessings of the elders and family will take you to a special place where you are always connected with the heart of hearts. Connect to the heart and soul with your inner heart awakened and this energy flowing through your journey of life with work. This leaves you with a strong desire to further heal your work.”

2. Taurus


“Attraction to secret documents will manifest a very strong pull to wistfulness and ending of relationships. Personal and social contacts will step out of their comfort zone to make your decisions beneficial to all. There will be very strong private feelings of love that are not reciprocated.”

3. Gemini

“Your throat chakra needs some blue light, so eating or drinking blueberries juice could help. Connecting to a blue painting or wearing blue could enhance your luck and energy levels. Be pragmatic with people and situations as you could end up over committing to your life situations and then feel disappointed.”

4. Cancer

“Routine affairs just don’t seem to satisfy you today. You receive pleasure from anything that expands your horizons. You are going through the day full of the light guiding you to your success pattern. You tend to be expansive and giving when it comes to love. You have a taste for the exotic today that seems to show up in all you do.”

5. Leo

“You are slowly finding your true potential for success in your life and future happiness is imminent. Stay relaxed and spend good times with the family. You may go through a period of emptiness in your mind and this could lead to wrong decisions. Be prepared to look after an elder in the family who will be happy to see you and your compassionate loving heart.”

6. Virgo­­­

“It may be a better idea to rest instead of exercising too much as you are already fatigued. You have already scored high marks and do not need to make such a hard physical plan to achieve recognition. You have already scored the best possible results and now you need to chill.”

7. Libra

“Continue to work hard at your project and see the results of your endeavours. Planning ahead for your future journey with the finances is a very important thing for you. Love your family. Even though the universe around you is busy planning ahead, you are very focused on what is happening in the now.”

8. Scorpio


“Challenging others to work hard to make you feel rewarded with success in your journey of life, is not a good plan. Better plans involve that you get into the work full time. Change your financial planning and you could invest in a new project that becomes a life saver in the future.”

9. Sagittarius

“Gather your family circle close and share your feelings with them. Move forward and connect to your spiritual centre. There will be much progress and appreciation of your intervention. Stay calm and grow your inner strength. Financial benefit keeps your mind upbeat.”

10. Capricorn

“Gathering your wit and humour to work hard and love your success will see you through. Enjoy your time with your loved one and know that everyone understands and supports you. Alone and strong is the energy of the day. You are very special to your spiritual family and this sees you through and makes you come out victorious on the other side.”

11. Aquarius

“Reunions are indicated today and some of you may even travel to enjoy yourself. Take time out and remain calm for your best interest in life situations to go in your favour. You will be happy with the family but there is some energy of conquest that leaves you feeling helpless in a family circle.”

12. Pisces

“Connect to an old friend who will help you invest wisely. Legal matters may be troublesome for others but the people concerned may need your help. Challenging situations with your life circumstances are not completely appreciated by the family. Elaborate more of your happiness in the now and let people see that you are happy.”