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Hybrid Solar Eclipse: List of cities which will witness rare celestial event

Although the Eclipse will last for two hours, the maximum time the sum will be fully covered is one minute.

Yogita Bisht



hybrid solar eclipse

New Delhi: Solar Eclipse refers to the phenomenon when the moon comes between the Sun and the earth casting its shadow causing darkness to some parts of the planet. The Solar eclipse occurs once in 18 months in some or other parts of the world. This year the solar eclipse will appear on April 20, when the sun, the moon, and the earth are aligned. This year will witness a hybrid Solar Eclipse.

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Hybrid Solar Eclipse

It is a mixture of the partial Solar Eclipse and total Solar Eclipse and will be seen on Thursday. It will begin at 10:04 AM and will reach at max at 11:30 AM.  Although the Eclipse will last for two hours, the maximum time the Sun will be fully covered is one minute.

Places Witnessing Hybrid Solar Eclipse

According to the date and time, several parts of Australia will witness the hybrid solar eclipse

Some parts including south-East Asia, Australia, the Pacific, the Indian Ocean, and Antarctica are the region from where this eclipse could be visible but India will not witness this.

These are some cities that will observe the Solar eclipse are the following:

  • Perth- Western Australia, Australia
  • Darwin- Northern Territory, Australia
  • Amsterdam Island- French Southern Territories
  • Port-aux-Francais- Southern Territory, France
  • Jakarta- Capital Region, Indonesia
  • Majuro – Marshall Islands
  • Tarawa – Kiribati
  • Palikir – Pohnpei, Micronesia

The above places will witness Hybrid Solar Eclipse.  Other than this Solar eclipse occurs once in 18 months. Also known as Ningaloo Eclipse, it is a rare eclipse to be seen after so many years. It is considered a big celestial phenomenon. The last Hybrid Solar  Eclipse was visible in the year 2013.