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Solar Eclipse: A look at Do’s and Don’ts

This rare astronomical event will occur on April 20 by recording the first surya grahan of this year.

Tejasvi Malhotra



Solar eclipse

New Delhi: The year 2023 is all set to mark a rare hybrid solar eclipse. This rare astronomical event can be witnessed today on April 20 by recording the first solar eclipse of this year. To understand, this celestial event happens when the moon covers the sun either partially or entirely, while it passes between the Sun and Earth. As per estimates, the unusual event has begin from around 9:36 pm EDT on April 19 and will last till 2:59 am EDT on April 20. It is not visible from India. However, sky watchers can experience the aesthetic event from Australia, Indonesia, and East Timor.


As per Hindu beliefs, there are some things to do and not to do that need to be taken care of. It includes:

  • To avoid any kind of danger, it is said that one should avoid cooking, eating and sleeping.
  • It is believed that deities should not be touched during this period. Following prayers, one should wash all the stuff.
  • Pregnant women are advised to avoid contact with the sun. It is suggested for them to stay indoors to prevent themselves from sunray.
  • According to Hindu belief, people should put basil or tulsi leaves in every eatery, like water, milk, and other food items to prevent them from spoiling.
  • One should sprinkle gangajal in an auspicious attempt after the eclipse phase.
  • As a precaution, it is suggested to not look at the sun directly with naked eyes as it can permanently damage one’s eyesight.
  • It is also suggested to avoid any purchase of land or property during the solar eclipse as it can apparently lead to failure or destruction.
  • Any use of sharp objects is strictly advised to prohibit.