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India: 5 tips to charge your EV without worrying about long road trip

The downloading charging apps will help you decide where and when you will charge your vehicle on your journey.




New Delhi: We all know the future of cars and bike is electric. In the current era, we are seeing that car makers are launching electric versions of cars based on fuels. However, there are a lot of drawbacks to the current electric cars as there are very less facilities to charge the car if they get discharged in the middle of a trip.

Below here, we are going to tell you six tips to charge your EV without worrying when you go on a long road trip:

1. Plan your route

It is always advised to plan your route if you plan a trip through EV. Before you plan your journey, you must plot the exact route on a mapping service like Google MapMyIndia. You must note how many breaks you will take and spend the night.

2. Download charging apps

The downloading charging apps will help you decide where and when you will charge your vehicle. Notably, Tata Power is currently the top brand in the country with the widest network of public chargers in India.

3. Have a plan B charger

Whenever you plan a long trip, you must keep a B charger. In the country, many companies are trying hard to make available charging facilities. If you find a queue at the charging station, the B charger will not let you to move to the next place.

4. Have a credit card

Almost every public charger works on an app from the charger’s manufacturer. And to use these apps, one has to top up a digital wallet, which can be done either via credit card, bank transfer or another digital wallet. Owing to this, using digital payment options is the best way to avoid any problems.

5. Carry an extension cord

Buying an extension cord will help to charge the vehicle at any place if you simply cannot find a public charger on your journey. A 15A wall socket will help you to charge the EV at any place.