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Optical Illusion: Here’s why Internet users are alarmed by an illusion with Stranger Things characteristics

Look at this optical illusion post and follow the instructions to see the captivating illusion.




Rishi Kaneria

New Delhi: Surely everyone is familiar with Stranger Things on Netflix. So, here’s an optical illusion that appears to be based on Stranger Things and is becoming viral on social media. Why are we saying that? We are pretty much sure you’re wondering. Well, once you look at it, you’ll see what we mean. Here’s a warning for anyone who has watched the most recent season of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things: it contains a photo that may be more terrifying than everything you have seen so far.

Rishi Kaneria

Rishi Kaneria

A Stranger Things-inspired optical illusion was recently shared on Instagram by artist Rishi Kaneria. Someone created a portrait that can only be seen with closed eyes! “Can you identify it?” Rishi asked in the caption of the video he shared. An optical illusion of one of the artist’s favourite TV show characters is created in the video. A caption overlay on the video stated, “But the catch is you can only see this portrait with your eyes closed.”

Look at this optical illusion post and follow the instructions to see the captivating illusion:


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On August 26, he uploaded this illusion to Instagram, and since then, it has had over 66,800 views, almost 4,000 likes, and a number of comments. One person said, “I tried it for eleven seconds and blood started gushing out of my nose.” Another remarked, “Yesss, that worked.” As usual, the music entered just as the image started to come into focus. A fourth said, “Love your videos!”

Yes, congratulate yourself, but only if you can name the Stranger Things character from the Netflix series. Others see Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven from the television series Stranger Things on the multi-coloured negative.