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Grammy Awards 2023: Ricky Kej gets his third Grammy, making India proud once more

The pair won the Grammy for the same album last year in the best new age album category.

New Delhi: India is experiencing yet another moment of pride at the 65th Grammy Awards! On February 6, during the 65th Grammy Awards, Indian composer Ricky Kej earned his third Grammy. Together with The Police drummer Stewart Copeland, the American musician shared the prize for the best immersive audio album for Divine Tides.

The pair won the Grammy for the same album last year in the best new age album category.

The Chainsmokers for “Memories… Do Not Open,” Jane Irabloom for “Picturing The Invisible- Focus 1,” and Nidarosdomens Jentekor & Trondeheimsolistene for “Tuvahyun – Beatitudes for a Wounded World” are among the other nominees in this category. Ricky triumphs over them all.

The nine songs on the CD Divine Tides examine how important each person’s life is in preserving the equilibrium that benefits everyone equally. The Bengaluru-based composer won his first Grammy back in 2015 for the Best New Age Album category with his album “Winds of Samsara.”

Copeland’s work with The Police has earned him five Grammy awards. This is Kej’s second honor, so far.

Meanwhile, with nine nominations, Beyoncé holds the most nominations for the 2023 Grammy Awards. With 88 nominations throughout the course of her career, Beyoncé sets a new record. Jay-Z, her husband who garnered five nominations this year, ties with her record.

The pop artist won two Grammys at the premiere ceremony, breaking a 28-win tie with Quincy Jones. Break My Soul, the main single from Renaissance and the singer’s No. 1 song, was awarded best dance/electronic recording at the Premiere Ceremony. In the dance category, Beyoncé wins for the first time. She also won the prize for Plastic Off The Sofa, the finest classic R&B performance.