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My Oni Girl OTT Release Date: This supernatural adventurous Japanese animation series is on its way to streaming platform

My Oni Girl OTT Release Date: The premiere of the animated film that will be available on Netflix will take place on May 24, 2024.

New Delhi: The anticipated Japanese animated fantasy romance film My Oni Girl, also known as Suki demo kirai na amanojaku, will feature Tomita Miyu and Ono Kensho as the main characters. May 24 is when Netflix is planning to premiere the movie.

My Oni Girl is an acknowledgement of the splendour of the natural world, the solace that comes from having a partner, and the happiness that comes from living. Tomotaka Shibayama, a member of Studio Ghibli in Japan, is the director of the Japanese animation that was produced by the innovative production business Studio Colorido.


A first-year high school student named Yatsuse Hiragi is the protagonist of the tale My Oni Girl. Despite his best attempts to win over the approval of his peers, he has a difficult time making friends. When, on a summer day, he meets Tsumugi, an Oni or demon girl who is on a mission to locate her mother in the human world, his life takes an unexpected turn.

With her unique horn atop her head, Oni stands out from the crowd. Hiiragi learns that she is a demon from the Oni clan as he attempts to get to know her. They go on an adventure together and discover a lot of things when she begs him to help her locate her mother on Earth.

When and Where to Watch?

The premiere of the animated film that will be available on Netflix will take place on May 24, 2024. It is also scheduled to be released in theatres in Japan on the same day.

Cast and Crew

Voice actors Tomita Miyu (Tsumugi, the Oni girl) and Ono Kensho (Yatsuse Hiiragi) are the leading cast members in the film. Among the numerous supporting voice actors are Hidaka Noriko, Kyouda Hisako, Mikami Satoshi, and many more.

In the film, My Oni Girl, Tomotaka Shibayama and Yuko Kakihara take the helm and write the script. Under the banners of Twin Engine and Studio Colorido, Karen Imagawa produced the film, while Ryota Kinami served as its editor.

In addition, Machida Satoshi serves as the film’s director of photography. Meanwhile, Inaba Kunihiko and Kimura Eriko are in charge of the art and music. Mina Kubota was the composer.