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My Sweet Mobster OTT Release Date: Everything about this Han Sun Hwa-starrer sweet comedy romance Korean drama

My Sweet Mobster OTT Release Date: Episodes of My Sweet Mobster will stream weekly at 8:50 PM KST (5:20 PM IST) beginning on June 12, 2024.

New Delhi: On June 12, JTBC will air the debut of the romantic Korean drama series My Sweet Mobster.

Featuring a charming romance plot and a hilarious love triangle, My Sweet Mobster is an adaptation of Park Soo Jung’s (aka Bangulmama) web novel “A Woman Who Plays” which is likely to delight and amuse viewers.

With its return to a rom-com setting reminiscent of childhood innocence, the K-drama has admirers even before it premieres.


Reconciliation and fresh starts are the themes of this story. To put his problematic past in the past, former mobster Seo Ji Hwan sets off on a quest. He provides ex-convicts a second chance and dismantles criminal networks as he travels throughout Korea. On his journey, he rekindles his friendship with Go Eun Ha, a childhood friend who has now become a popular children’s content creator.

Eun Ha, whose young fans lovingly refer to her as Mini Sister, brings positive and loving energy to her videos by reminiscing about her beloved childhood companion and protector, Ji Hwan. Beyond Ji Hwan’s tough facade, she recognizes the innocence they once had and tries, with unfaltering love, to help him rediscover it. She is a light in his dark background, and he finds hope in her.

Release Date and Platform

Episodes of My Sweet Mobster will stream weekly at 8:50 PM KST (5:20 PM IST) beginning on June 12, 2024.

In South Korea, JTBC will air the premiere of My Sweet Mobster, while viewers across the world may watch the series on Viki Rakuten.

Cast and Crew

In the lead roles, Uhm Tae Goo plays the character of Seo Ji Hwan, Han Sun Hwa plays the part of Go Eun Ha, and Kwon Yool plays the role of Jang Hyeon U in this romantic comedy-drama.

Park Jae Chan, Moon Ji In, Park Chul Min, Moon Dong Hyuk, Lee Yoo Joon, Moon Hyun Jin, Yang Hyun Min, and many more make up the supporting cast.

Kim Woo Hyun and Kim Young Hwan direct the series, while Na Kyung writes the script. Production credits for the forthcoming drama go to SLL, IOK Company, and Base Story.