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Tina Thadani opens up about her relationship with Honey Singh

We started dating in April last year. Things evolved between us gradually. As I got to know him, I realised that Honey is so different. It is hard to come across a person like him – Tina Thadani

New Delhi: Amid rumours about rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh dating actress and model Tina Thadani, the actress has opened up about their relationship recently. In a recent interview, she also said why she doesn’t read comments on social media and how she escapes from all-around trolls.

“We started dating in April last year. Things evolved between us gradually… It is hard to come across such a person like him,” she said confirming fans about her dating rumours.

He is very charismatic and a trendsetter. Like others, I have been a fan of his work, too,” Tina said.

Shalini Talwar was Honey Singh’s previous wife. Honey and Shalini divorced in September of last year. He allegedly paid 1 crore in alimony as part of the divorce settlement. Shalini was charged with domestic violence against Honey Singh in 2021. Honey Singh responded to her accusations in a statement at the time, saying he was “deeply distressed and disheartened by the false and defamatory allegations” levelled against him and his family.

Talking about Honey Singh and Shalini’s divorce, Tina said she never judges people from their past, it is completely none of her business. she has only looked on to his work, became a fan and started liking him.

When asked about how she was dealing with online trolls, she replied she never read people’s comments on social media platforms. “I don’t pay attention to trolls,” she specified.

However, last year, Singh introduced model-actor Tina Thadani as his girlfriend at an event in Delhi. At the event, the rapper was seen holding Tina’s hand and referring to her as my girlfriend.