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Viral video: Man fights with shark; leaves netizens stunned

It is very hard to believe that anyone can fight with just bare hands but after seeing the viral video no one can deny the truth.





New Delhi: Among the saltwater fishes, Sharks are considered to be very dangerous. It is very hard to believe that anyone can fight with just bare hands. However, one has to accept it after seeing the viral video. The video shows the man fishing on the beach who caught a shark instead of normal fish. The video was reportedly recorded in the morning at 9 AM.

The viral video was shared by Only in mastic on Instagram four days ago. Since being shared online, the video has received over 2,500 likes and many comments.

The video was shared with a caption, ”Another shark caught at Smith Point Beach.”

Watch the viral video below here:


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A post shared by Only In Mastic (@only_in_mastic)

”Sand shark, basically harmless and always there,” said an Instagram user.

”Leave the beautiful beasts alone and stop interfering,” commented another user.

”Remove the hook. Don’t drag the shark out of the water!,” wrote a third user.

”What do these people expect? It’s their ocean,” said a fourth user.

”She is so dumb and uneducated that the only thing she can say its “omg holy shit,” read the comment of a fifth user.