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Baby Names

Hindu Baby Girl names starting with A

‘A’ is the beginning of the alphabet series in English and a name marks the beginning of a new journey for the family.




baby girl

New Delhi: Are you and your partner expecting a baby or recently blessed with a child? If yes, then you might be looking for a name for your baby. Giving a sweet and unique name to their child is the aim of the parents. Naming a child is surely a special moment and it can be made worth it with a pretty name for the child.

baby girl

There is a saying that, “Words have meaning and names have power,” so giving a name to an infant is a big and beautiful decision. Name is the beginning of one’s identity and the blessings received from the elderly. A name can have certain qualities, it can be easy to pronounce, fitting to the personality, sweet to hear and have a nice meaning. Finding the perfect name for your child can definitely be a task, but it is worth it.

‘A’ is the beginning of the alphabet series in English and a name marks the beginning of a new journey for the family. While names beginning from ‘A’ are popular, there are many unique names that this letter can offer.

Here are 50 Hindu girl names starting from the letter ‘A’ with given meanings:

baby girl names

  1. Aanchal: Shelter or safe haven
  2. Aabha: Ray of light
  3. Aadarshini: Someone with honour and pride
  4. Aadarsha: Name for honour or prestige
  5. Aadhiriti: Stalwart
  6. Aadhira: Swift
  7. Aadhya: First
  8. Aadishree: First girl
  9. Aadilakshmi: A name for Goddess Lakshmi
  10. Aadyasha: First
  11. Aadrika: Strong or immovable
  12. Aahana: Morning glory
  13. Aanandi: Always happy
  14. Akanksha: Desire
  15. Aarti: A ceremony in which lights with wicks (diya/lamp) are lit and offered up to deities or guests
  16. Aarunya: Rays of Sun
  17. Aarushi: First ray of Sun
  18. Aaranya: Noble and honoured
  19. Aashi: Smile or joy
  20. Aashirya: The land Of God
  21. Aastha: Belief
  22. Abhaya: Name for Goddess Durga
  23. Abhidya: Wish or longing
  24. Abhigita: Cheerful girl
  25. Abhilasha: Desire
  26. Abhinaya: Act or expressions
  27. Abhiprithi: Full of love
  28. Abhirathi: Pleasure
  29. Abhithi: Fearlessness
  30. Abiya: Brilliant
  31. Achala: Immovable or Earth
  32. Aditi: Free or unbound
  33. Adrija: A name for Goddess Parvati
  34. Advaita: Unique
  35. Afreen: Friendly
  36. Agnikaa: Daughter of fire
  37. Agrima: To be a leader
  38. Ahalya: Rishis Gautam’s wife who was rescued by Lord Ram
  39. Ahladita: In a happy mood
  40. Aishwarya: Prosperity
  41. Ajaya: Invincible
  42. Akhila: Complete
  43. Akira: Bright and clear
  44. Akriti: Image
  45. Akshita: Always fast
  46. Akula: Goddess Parvati
  47. Alaknanada: Name of a river
  48. Alka: Lock of curly hair
  49. Alopa: Faultless
  50. Amiya: Delight