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Brain Teaser Puzzle Picture: You think you have High IQ ? Find out 6 hidden words in 11 seconds

Brain Teaser Puzzle Picture: Play this puzzle to find out how high you IQ level is, solve it now.

Neha Singh



IQ level

New Delhi: If you think your IQ level is high then this puzzle picture is for you to solve. All you have to do is to spot6 hidden words in the picture. Those who enjoy playing fun games and puzzles and use their brain will definitely be able to solve it win few seconds. Brain teasers are one of the interesting riddle or puzzle that can not only you help in creative thinking but also helps you think out of the box.

You may definitely come across some problems while solving these riddles. All you need to do while solving it is to analyze the problem a little differently and think out of the box.

All you need to do is to thin…think differently an you can find the answer available right in front of you. So, here is one interesting brain teaser where you will have to identify six hidden secret words inside the water park image.

Here is the Image:

IQ level

Image Source: Playbuzz

In the image above, you need to find out the six words that is hidden inside the water park where seven children can be see spending some quality time  swimming, tubing, and smiling at one another.

In the image provided above, two kids can be seen having fun on the water slides, while one can be seen sitting on the chair surrounded by trees. Make sure, only the alert mind can identify all the words within 11 seconds.

How to find the words?

All you need to do is look at the image carefully to find out all the words.

But make sure you don’t cheat by scrolling down!

Here are the hidden words:

Image Source: Playbuzz

The hidden six words are Wed, Pool, Swim, Float, Water and slide.

  1. Wet – Written on the girl’s yellow swimsuit.
  2. Pool – Written on the waves on the left bottom side of the picture
  3. Swim – Written on the waves on the right top side of the picture
  4. Float – Written on the boy’s rubber ring
  5. Water – Written on the leave on center top side of the picture
  6. Slide – Written on the leave on the left top side of the picture