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Long-distance relationship hurts, but ever thought about how tough long-distance friendship can be?

With emerging technologies and the developing world, we have normalised long-distance relationships.





New Delhi: With emerging technologies and the developing world we have normalised long-distance relationships. It appears very easy to be in touch with our partners at our fingertips by texting or chatting.

Instant messaging keep them hooked up. One can reach out to their partner when they like. Despite having so many advantages there is one biggest disadvantage i.e most couples do not get proper time to talk because of the time difference, and the lack of physical intimacy throws you off. Long-distance relationships suck big time, agreed.

But the same happens with long-distance friendships when our close friends move to a different city or country.

When a friend lives near us we talk for hours, share our feelings and of course meet them too, because we give priorities. All of a sudden things change when we move to another place. No matter how hard you try its hard to keep it gets difficult to keep them in touch.

Moving to different places means discovering new things, and experiencing adventures. Obviously, things change now we cant make last moment plans with them. It’s just the mobile or internet which is keeping you connected.

Most of the time there comes a point in the friendship where two close friends end up being strangers and that fact hurts the most.