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Surya Grahan 2022: From left-over food to non-vegetarian, Things that you must avoid doing during Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse, Surya Grahan 2022: Things you must avoid doing during this period.

Neha Singh




New Delhi: Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan will occur today from 4:27 pm to 5:39 pm. The partial solar eclipse, also the second and last solar eclipse of 2022 will be witnessed just a day after Diwali.

The Surya Grah will also be visible in several parts of the Country.

Well, with the change of time and generations-several things including beliefs and practices have seen a vast change…but if you go through the old belief it is said that one must not eat food during the Surya Grahan.

During this period, it is advised that one must not do several things and must not do many things to avoid some negative.

There are several myths and beliefs related to the solar eclipse including eating food, the color of clothes that individuals wear, and several others.

According to an old belief, it is said that one must avoid eating and cooking food during the solar eclipse or any other kind of eclipse.


From left-over food to non-vegetarian- Food that you must avoid during Solar Eclipse

# After the Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan, do not eat any leftover food. It is said that the food gets contaminated by the rays, which can result in digestive problems.

# Food such as non-vegetarian, alcohol, onion, garlic, or fermented foods should also be avoided as it becomes hard for the body to digest it or it may also disrupt the process of digestion.

# During Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan drinking water should also be prohibited.

In case you are using food that was cooked before the Surya Grahan then it is suggested to add tulsi leaves in it as they contain anti-bacterial properties.

According to Science, cooking and eating during the solar eclipse is considered a myth.

NASA also claims that if this is true then the rays would not only damage the cooked food but also the crops and packed food would be damaged.