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Valentine Week 2023 Calendar: From Rose Day, Kiss Day, Propose Day to Hug Day and other days to celebrate with your partner; check here

Valentines Week 2023 Calender: Check full schedule here

New Delhi: The month of love, a week to express your love is here-Yes, the most awaited time of the year when you can tell as well as express your love to your loved ones in different forms has started.

Although Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th every year, but celebrations for this grand day begin a week before the day.

Couples start celebrating the entire week before Valentine’s Day as a week of love and romance.

The celebration begins on February 7th every year in the form of Rose Day and ends with Valentine’s Day on February 14th.

So if you have planned to impress, propose and express your love to your partner or if you have not yet expressed your feelings for someone then take the opportunity to do it and move ahead in life by telling the person how much you love him/her.

First Day: (7th February 2023)-Rose Day

The first day of Valentine’s week is celebrated as Rose day, on this day lovers give roses-especially red roses as the color red stands for love to express their feelings. On this day, you can find the different colors of roses in the market if you have not yet tried your luck go ahead and express your feeling by gifting a rose.


Second Day-(08th February 2023)-Propose Day

The second day of Valentine’s day is celebrated as Propose Day-on this day couple tells their partners about how much they love each other. Also, for singles who love someone and have not yet said it to the next person, this is the day that you need to open up about your feelings.

Propose Day

Third-Day:  (09th February 2023)-Chocolate Day

The third day is celebrated in the form of chocolate day, where couple gift favourite chocolates to their partners

Chocolate Day

Fourth Day- (10th February 2023)-Teddy Day

The fourth day is observed as teddy day, on this day basically, the girls/women are gifted teddies by their partners. There are variety of teddy options available in the market depending on your choices and budget.

Teddy Day

Fifth Day- (11th February 2023)-Promise Day

The fifth day plays a very important role, as it is celebrated as Promise day-a day where partners make a long and lasting promise for each other. As it is said that no relationship can last without “trust” and it begins here. So make a promise to never leave, or betray each other.

Promise Day

Sixth Day- (12th February 2023)-Hug Day

The sixth day is celebrated as Hug day, on this day you can give and get a long hug to express your love for your partner.

Hug Day

Seventh Day-(13th February 2023)-Kiss Day

The seventh day is celebrated as Kiss Day, grab an opportunity and kiss your partner as it is also a way to express your feelings.


Final Day- (14th February 2023)-Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is celebrated as the final day of Valentine’s week on 14 February.