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Watch Video: Food delivery boy intervenes an agitated couple, thrashes the woman for abusing boyfriend in Odissa

In the video, the food delivery executive can be seen pushing, punching, slapping, and thrashing the girl for abusing her boyfriend.





New Delhi: In a relationship, there are moments of sweetness and bitterness, moments of love and fights. However, if these moments exceed its limits, it becomes toxic at times. Besides, it becomes more disgusting if a third party intervenes the scene. A similar incident was observererd in Odissa’s Bhubaneswar after a food delivery executive interfered in a lover’s spat and started thrashing the girl openly in public.

Reportedly, the girl engaged in a heated argument with her boyfriend after coming out of Indira Gandhi Park. The video shows the girl verbally and physically abusing her boyfriend and even throwing a rock at him. The public gathered at the spot and started recording the scenario which enraged the girl and even tried to snatch the phone of a passerby.

It was then the food delivery executive tried intervening the couple’s conversation and acted as a peacemaker. When he objected to the expletives used by the girl, the latter got infuriated and started shouting at him using foul language. It led to a heated exchange of words between the two.

See the video here:

The delivery boy finally lost his patience and started thrashing her up. In the video, he can be seen pushing, punching, slapping and thrashing the girl. The bystanders tried to calm them and tried handling the situation.

However, neither the girl nor the delivery executive filed a police complain.

Taking to a leading daily, India Today, Bhubaneswar DCP Umashankar Dash, “Since it was incident of thrashing by both the parties, I have instructed the concerned PS Official to register a case against both of them.”