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Why do men spend more time in toilet? Reasons here

Why do men spend more time in toilet? Here are few reasons

Neha Singh



Why do men spend more time in toilet? Reasons here

New Delhi: Men often spend more time in the toilet then women. In recent years, married women or couple in living relationships have noticed and even talked about the same.

We bring to you few reasons which could be the reasons for a men spending more time in the bathroom/ toilet-

 You men using mobile

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Practise of using using mobile phones in the toilet has been on the rise.  In a survey which was conducted in 2012 showed that  75 per cent people use cell phones while they are in the toilet.

Out of which 30 per cent of men said that it was necessary for them to use mobile phones when they are in the toilet. So, if you have seen your men carrying his mobile phone along with him inside the bathroom then you must know that he is going to take it longer than you.

Your men may be masturbating

Masturbating could be another reason that your men is taking or spending longer time in the toilet.

However, health experts says that one must spend more than 10 minutes in the toilet.


Sometime you may leave your men alone as he may need sometime and a good time to groom himself. You must understand that trimming takes time…and especially if he cares too much about his beard look.

Playing games

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 According to the World Health Organisation, digital and video gaming is classified as mental health disorders. So if your men plays or has a habit of playing mobile games inside the toilet then you must take it seriously. It is also said that men find it peaceful to play games when they are in the toilet. 

Self Loving

Also, according to a study conducted in England, it has been found that 1 out of 10 men enjoys looking at themselves in the mirror when no one is around and toilet is the right place.


Apart from all these reason, there could also be one major reason that your men ‘cries’ inside the toilet. Toilet is one such place that no one can notice or keep an eye on them. So they can easily hide their tears when they are inside the toilet.