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Year ender 2021: Fanta Maggi to Chicken Golgappa, 5 bizarre food dishes that went viral

Some foods are best left in their traditional form as that’s what makes them exceptional.



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New Delhi: People love experimenting with food and food lovers love trying that. Preparing is food with a little twist makes it adventurous once in a while. However, some foods are best left in their traditional form as that’s what makes them exceptional. In 2021, social media users came across several bizarre preparations of food that went viral online which in other words are just disgusting.

Below are the obnoxious food items that went viral online:

Fanta Maggi

Can you ever imagine trying out a dish as unpleasant as ‘Fanta maggi.’ To be honest, maggi tastes the best in its traditional form accompanied by maggi masala. To an extent, it can be mixed with vegetables like carrots, beans, and sauté like a noodle. Other than these two imagining any other dish with maggi would be challenging. However, a roadside vendor from Ghaziabad invented this dish and named it ‘Fanta maggi’ and without any doubt, it went viral in some moments of its share.

Oreo Pakodas

We have heard about oreo cakes, oreo milkshakes amongst others. But have you ever heard of oreo pakodas. Definitely, people can gulp on two packets of oreo at once or can survive on pakodas throughout the day because there are hardly any people who do not love these two. However, Oreo mixed with pakodas can be a nightmare.

Rasgulla Chat

Rasgulla is considered one of the favourite desserts of not only Indians but also people across the globe who fly to the country, especially West Bengal to try out this dessert. However, in October, a video was shared on Twitter by a user where a man was seen making rasgulla chat. He topped the rasgullas with tamarind chutney, curd, and several other condiments. The user wrote in the caption, “We are doomed. Rasgulla chaat!!”

Butter Chicken Golgappa

You will find hardly any people who do not like golgappas. A Twitter user shared a video featuring Butter Chicken golgappas. As soon as it’s shared, the video went viral. The video showed golgappas stuffed with chicken and topped with sev. A user commented, “Why do people believe in ruining everything? Songs, movies now food too.” We can’t agree more.

Fanta Omellete

An egg is a versatile item that almost goes with everything. However, in our distant dream, it is impossible to imagine trying out ‘Fanta Omellete.’ Along with adding some array of ingredients, the boiled egg sautéed in some Fanta. The video was uploaded by a food blogger. While few did not mind trying the dish, several refused to give it a shot.