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Agnipath recruitment scheme is a win-win for the youth, army and society: SK Narvar

“India isn’t the only country to recruit soldiers on such terms. In fact, the world’s most advanced economies apply a similar approach,” says SK Narvar, Chairman, Capital India Corp.

In an interview about the recruitment scheme announced recently by the Ministry of Defence, S K Narvar, Chairman, Capital India Corp talks about the benefits that ‘Agnipath’ will bring to not just the youth and nation but also to civil society. It shows the visionary approach of PM Modi in creating an Army that is contemporary and relevant to the changing times.

Ques – Regarding Agnipath scheme, how do you think it benefits the nation?

SK Narvar: The recruitment scheme benefits the nation by enabling a youthful profile of the armed forces. Men and women between 17.5 to 21 years (with a relaxation for 2022 aspirants) will be inducted into the Army, Navy and Air Force as Agniveers for four years. Our government is aware about the importance of evolving HR practices of militaries and corporates the world over. Since the world today is highly digitised, the scheme will help the nation’s armed forced become futuristic considering the youth are naturally more tech-savvy.

It is another visionary decision of PM Modi to make the Indian army contemporary and relevant to changing times. Future wars are being fought not based on the number of foot soldiers on the battlefield but on advanced technology like drones, unarmed combat vehicles and technical intelligence. Hence an army that is agile will be able to protect our nation.


Ques – How will the newly declared recruitment scheme help solve current issues faced by the armed forces?

SK Narvar: We must first acknowledge the fact that the scheme has been under deliberation for about two years. The nation is currently facing a two-fold issue and our thoughtful leaders have managed to address both with Agnipath scheme. On one hand, the nation is facing a serious threat from its two neighbours at the borders. On the other, the Armed Forces is facing a shortage of officers and personnel. Besides, COVID had halted fresh recruitment. The scheme will not only help the youth gain access to great opportunities but will also allow them to serve their motherland! Besides, the manpower crunch will be taken care of in the long term.

Ques — Are there any other countries that have a similar recruitment?

SK Narvar: It is important to note that India isn’t the only country to recruit soldiers on such terms. In fact, the world’s most advanced economies apply a similar approach. Shouldn’t the Indian soldier, dedicated to their regiment and nation, also have equal opportunities? Let’s remember that as a nation, we are proud to be the fourth most-powerful military with strength of over 1.4 million active personnel. Regarding global examples, America, for instance, enrols personnel for four years, followed by a reserve duty period (4years) allowing them to be recalled, if need be. Even in France, which boasts of the largest armed forces in size in the European Union, the youth join the Armed Forces on a voluntary and short-term basis (1 year), which can be extended to five years.

SK Narvar - Capital India Corp chairman

Ques — What can the Agniveers look forward to?

SK Narvar: The scheme provides ample advantages for the youth. The recruits start with a good salary package with annual increments and a severance package of about Rs. 11 lacs. Besides, they are entitled to medical and insurance cover and other service facilities. While 25 per cent of the recruits will get enrolled in regular service, the remaining will be able to enter society with a new found patriotism, discipline, and skills as well as certificates. They will also be suitable for jobs in the private sector, which appreciates talent that has strong team and leadership skills, all of which Agniveers will possess. For example, today, Anand Mahindra announced how the Mahindra Group will welcome Agniveers welcome joining the group.

All on all, it is a win-win-win for the nation, army and society!