PM’s Address to the UN continues to Reverberate

At the UN address, PM Modi raised pertinent question, how can a decision-making body like UN ignore aspirations, wisdom, and immense contribution made by the country with 18% of population in the world?

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USA, Sep 27 (ANI): Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi addresses the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly at U.N. headquarters in New York on Friday. (REUTERS Photo)

As the UN completes its chequered journey for 75 years, the world leaders met for the first time virtually. Mr Antonio Guterres, the United Nations Secretary-General reminded the world on Sept 22 that COVID-19 is a dress rehearsal for the challenges to come – The pandemic has taught us that our choices matter and therefore, let us make sure that we choose wisely.

What made the world sit and listen is the forthright and vigorous speech by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 26. The PM minced no words and appeared to have resolved that ‘truth must be told.’ India, as one of the founding members of the world body, has been in the forefront to uphold the values, honour its commitments and contribute with resources and wherewithal to peace and security in the world. The largest democracy, in a vastly changed world order, deserves a place of honour in the restructured UN. Mr Modi raised a pertinent question, how can a decision-making body like the UN ignore the aspirations, wisdom, and immense contribution made by the country with 18% of the population in the world?

The prime minister spoke from the point of strength, with the courage of conviction and the power of persuasion.

The following highlights of his speech point to the urgency with which the UN must reform, perform and transform.

1. India has supplied medicines to 150 countries during the pandemic. PM assured the world community that Corona vaccine, in its third phase of the trial, will be available to serve the needs of the entire world community.

2. In his historic, brilliant and touching speech Mr Modi made a robust and convincing pitch for India’s participation in the decision-making mechanism of the @UN.

3. In the last five years, India has brought 400 million people in the banking system, 600 million people out of the menace of open defecation, and now actively engaged in connecting 6 lakh villages to broadband/ optical fibre facility, said Mr Modi.

4. In his persuasive best, PM drew the attention of the world community to the loss of precious lives, more so of young kids, in the conflicts, civil wars and terrorism. He urged the UN to reform, respond and respect the legitimate aspirations of the Indians.

5. The Prime Minister highlighted the social indicators of attainment of #SDGs in India; 150 million houses connected to piped water supply, 500 million people accessed free medical treatment facility, women benefitted the most in microfinancing schemes also a step towards #AatmaNirbharBharat

6. He encouraged the world community to appreciate the difference in the world we lived in 1945 and the one live in today. The aspirations, hopes, interdependence of nations in the 21st Century calls for restructuring the role and leadership of the UN.

7. He reiterated his commitment to work for peace, security and prosperity of the world, adding that the aspirations of the people of India will echo the aspirations of the world.

8. In his candid and a passionate address to the world community, Mr Modi asserted that India’s efforts at self-reliance would act as a force multiplier for the global efforts to attain equality, prosperity and peace.

9. PM in his forthright message to the world leaders called upon the UN to reform, quoting India’s story of reform, performance and transformation.

10. And finally his “130cr Indians have full faith and respect for the UN and multilateral agencies.We have made a huge sacrifice, maintaining peace around the world, but the UN must reform to align with the new realities,” statement will reverberate in the corridors of the UN Headquarters for a long time.

As India assumes its place in the security council in January 21 with the support of over180 countries, it would be a time to watch how things unfold leading up to the coveted position of a permanent high seat for India in the UN. Till then, let the world mull over the efficacy of the well-crafted message delivered by the PM, a mix of genuine frustration and legitimate optimism.

(The author is a Delhi based educationist and Global Citizenship advocate)

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