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Why you must go on a bike trip for Sadhguru’s ‘Save Soil Mission’

Save Soil is the need of the hour if we go by any reputed think tank’s reports, and we don’t even have to wait for decades to feel the heat

Sadhguru embarked on a 30,000 km motorcycle journey to create awareness regarding the degrading soil quality and the risks it poses to future generations. I was very inspired by the idea of using a motorcycle for travelling as he meets government officials from across the globe.

He’s asking people to dance and create awareness, but I was a bit too shy for that and thus, I decided to go on a bike trip, and it was an amazing experience that every individual must cherish.

The first difference you’d feel while travelling on a motorcycle as opposed to a car/bus/train is the fact that it lacks convenience. There’s no air conditioning, so wherever you go, you breathe the unfiltered air of that location.

As you travel more, you realise that breathing in some places feels much better than in others. You would also feel the dust directly on your face as you tackle every bump on the road with direct feedback coming to your footpegs and handlebar.

It is one of the most enjoyable and challenging experiences in life as it is not just a journey but also a laboratory which you can use to learn more about yourself and the world around you. On top of that, it gives you the opportunity to meet new people, have some fun while exploring the world, and make new friends.

Sadhguru’s 'Save Soil Mission' (1)

Thus, you can boost your confidence and self-esteem by taking a motorcycle road trip.

Going on a motorcycle trip for mental health is a great way to get away from your office grind and recharge your batteries. It is also one of the best ways to boost your productivity. Since my job as a writer doesn’t require me to even leave my home these days due to the work from home model, this motorcycle trip gave me a chance to explore our beautiful planet. And it also drew my attention towards the less privileged among us as I travelled in far rural areas.

At the same time, I witnessed active desertification of soil as I drove my bike through the areas that are rarely explored by the urban population. Among the lush green fields, you would often stumble into people describing how the soil in their fields is turning harder with each passing year.

Many also narrate the side effects of chemical insecticides and fertilisers on their health. These conversations leave us with a touch of melancholy since we imagine villages as paradises of nature that are devoid of the toxins we encounter here in the cities. Seeing our villages and farmlands slowly turn into inhabitable barren lands feels like an unrelinquished dream for the urban rich who aspire to settle down in the farmhouses with lavish meadows around them.

Sadhguru’s 'Save Soil Mission' (2)

Of course, a few people might find the idea of going on a motorcycle trip for environmental awareness to be less welcomable due to the fossil fuels used, but realistically, using the internet, packaged food, and pretty much every modern amenity contributes to pollution- we need to take a conscious step as no sensible transition encompassing the entire humanity occurs overnight.

Save Soil is the need of the hour if we go by any reputed think tank’s reports, and we don’t even have to wait for decades to feel the heat- we had the hottest summer in the last 122 years. No matter if you want to rev the throttle or dance, it’s high time that we take action.