assembly polls

BJP President Amit Shah announced the deal sharing with JJP. As per the deal, Chief Minister will be from BJP while Deputy CM will be from Chautala’s party.

Axis My India poll survey, being pitched as the most reliable and credible survey, has had its share of errors and mistakes. What it projects in exit polls is not a cardinal truth.

The polling percentage in Haryana was 50.59% in Haryana, according to Election Commission. In by-polls, 4 seats in Assam recorded 63.71%, 5 seats in Bihar of 41.82%, 6 seats in Gujarat of 40.28%.

Irani said, "Today's hero is Khanna ji. He had served in Army. He is 93 and came out to vote. It is an inspiration, request people to come out and vote, If at 93 he can vote, who is stopping you?"

Fadnavis was seen standing on the top of a slow-moving vehicle with party members and appealing people to vote in favour of the party. The vehicle was seen decorated with flowers and the banners of the BJP.

Ramdev said: "Ram Temple should be built in Ayodhya. There are some barriers at social and political levels. Modi ji and Amit Shah ji have the courage to overcome these challenges."

In his four-page resignation letter, Tanwar said, “Congress is going through existential crises, not because of its political opponents but because of serious internal contradiction.”

Yediyurappa has already started using this spelling on his official letterheads and the letter staking a claim for the formation of the new government also had this new spelling.

JD (U), however, will remain a part of National Democratic Alliance in Bihar and will continue to support the central government.

The Bharatiya Janata Party today released a list of candidates for the upcoming assembly polls in Andhra and Arunachal Pradesh.