Astrology 2019

Meditating on the light of creative intelligence, unfolding strength, compassion and healing, the light is allowing us to create a huge reservoir of renewable energetic consciousness.

Meditating on the light of continued explorations of unfolding karma, you are flowing with compassion in your heart and healing in your hands is allowing you to create a huge reservoir of new energy.

You have the capability to do so much more and there is nothing to stop you from moving forward. You must find yourself insensibly drawn to the new life style but there are pitfalls ahead.

As an aspirational healer begins to heal with the light of love, there is seldom doubt. When an exceptional healer begins to heal as a demand , or expectation; there is seldom any light flowing.

There is no longer any doubt, we must understand that our mission is to cultivate love for others and go on learning to the very end of life, to heal all.

Enjoy the journey, appreciate the results and carry on the conversations, so that you have clarity of what you really want. Receive with open arms.

The simple fragrance of the rose touches the heart of those who lovingly, gently and pleasurably spread all the healing in the now.

Message of the Day – By Renooji When healing is truth, consciousness and bliss solidified ….. then know that the...

As the days of the effulgence and efficiency of the platinum light flow through your energy field, know that you need the understanding of your true purpose of life.

This is the time to do hard work and share the responsibility of a project that has to be completed. Your legal position may be a little fragile but those fighting legal cases will be happy with the results.