Astrology 2019

As we all gallantly walk ahead under the umbrella of light, we are constantly drenched by the sublime waters of the nectarean universes who collaborate to infiltrate our world to be of service.

One basic truth is that nothing in this world is personally one's own. Objects like body and money have been given for proper use only, not for regarding them as one's own.

Absolved of all awkwardness, we are all moving through all types of spiritual experiences of the human kind, from the lowest to the highest consciousness.

The more we reflect on what we really want, there is always a positive attitude and then a twist of consciousness which generates new ideas of churning desires.

The blue and golden light is shining and spreading within the golden universe of your house. Love your home.

This is a great day to discuss business and to put forth ideas to make more money. Changes in the people and the attitude of camaraderie among each other will help things along.

You are the most important person in your life and so is everyone else in their own individual realm.

Absorbing the healing light of grace, surely know that you are systematically being healed in this universe of unconditional love and happiness.

Blessings and healing hugs for all those who are not in the light, so that they are truly drenched in the light.

Our world is in distress and it is our healing duty to restore balance and love in the hearts of those who live , and see compassion awakened in the hearts of those who live well.