According to the shop owners, the cow would come every day and sit anywhere. When the incident happened for the first time, it caused panic among the customers and the shop owner Polimera Obayya tried to push the cow out of the shop. The cow ignored the owner of the shop and sat for three hours under the fan. After three hours the cow eventually got up and left peacefully.

The animal has made it a daily practice to come to our shop now. At first, we thought that it will affect our business. But the sales have actually increased. Interestingly, the cow has never spoiled the shop premises," the shop owner said.

In September, Ghosh had claimed that "bribe" worth Rs 2 lakh was being offered to prove people were committing suicides in West Bengal due to National Register of Citizens (NRC).

The complainant Nitesh Oza said his Hindu religious sentiments were hurt by Danve's purported remarks and demanded that an FIR be registered against the minister.

A team from the Indian Biological Sciences and Research Institute (IBRI) reached Kachhla in the night to find out the reason behind the deaths.

He said now the whole world was searching for a role model for environmental conservation and for saving trees and plants but India has Lord Krishna as "inspiration," he added.

In the video, the cow entered the classroom, with some students making way for it to move around while some trying to chase it away. The students looked visibly perturbed with the stray animal's intrusion.

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