"A total of 18 people were in the truck laden with mangoes. When the truck overturned near Patha village in Narsinghpur, five labourers died and 11 got injured" said Deepak Saxena, District Collector of Narsinghpur.

"Our fatality rate in the country continues to be around 3.3 per cent and the recovery rate has climbed up to 29.9 per cent, these are very good indicators," Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan said.

As stated in a 2018 editorial, mAbs directed against pathogens are unlikely to be used routinely due to their high cost and requirement for parenteral administration; however, they may be especially useful for certain emerging infectious diseases.

Doctors registered with Indian Medical Association, hospitals and clinics owning a BMW or MINI or a BMW Motorrad vehicle can register themselves at to avail the service.

Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain informed that there are 2,625 coronavirus cases in Delhi, out of which 111 were reported yesterday.

Two noted Punjabi singers Sidhu Moosewala and Aar Nait also accompanied the policemen to doctor’s residence, where they crooned a song to honour the doctor’s contribution to the society.

BJP took strong objection to such diktat by Mamata govt and questioned the rationale behind banning it for doctors and healthcare workers.

The Central government brought an ordinance to end the violence against health workers, making it a cognizable, non-bailable offence with the imprisonment of up to seven years for those found guilty.

A pandemic myth that claims consuming high-strength alcohol can kill the virus is false and can lead to fatal health consequences.

Those sensitive to stress-related sleep disruption are more likely to develop chronic insomnia, which, in combination with a major stressor, is a risk factor for PTSD.