Fact Check

A photo of Dr Ambedkar on a Colombia bus in United States is viral with claim that this is the right way of honouring him. Here is fact-check to find out veracity of this claim.

A twitter handle by name of ISI circulated fake news about Rafale plane crash. It used photoshopped image of IAF twitter handle for spreading false propaganda. Here is the fact check.

The same video was shared earlier claiming that this is the aftermath of explosions that devastated Lebanon's capital Beirut on August 4, 2020.

The claims looked suspicions in first look and when we probed it further, we found it to be totally fake and false claim.

A Facebook user named Jitendra Kumar Sharma shared a post on August 19, in which he posted images of 5 young men holding liquor bottles to their chest and body.

"According to doctors, if COVID-19 is hit by steam from the nose, the corona can be eradicated. Everyone should start a steam campaign," claimed a FB post.

Newsroompost did some research and we found out that this claim along with the photos to be misleading.

Newsroompost did some research and we found out that this claim is absolutely false. Actually this picture is from Bangladesh.

PIB was quick to reject his claims, which tweeted, “The photo is of a private Dreamliner model by Boeing 787 and not of PM's aircraft.”

According to the report, an employee named Walter Powell (alias) revealed that he has been peeing inside the beer tanks for the last 12 years.