The joyful and growing purple light brings wisdom and intelligence to heal your heart desires which get fulfilled in the now.

There is a huge fan following in your office and you need that adulation to keep your morale high. It will take you forever to come back to your life if you do not move away from lethargy today.

There are many out there who need the energy and do not even know that it exists. Help them all. Spread the blue light.

Very strong vibrations of the breath are activating you and your aura. Be grateful for this opportunity, grateful for the breath, grateful for your healing action and finally grateful for the spiritual awareness in this lifetime.

Sending your work forward without marking it to the right authority and through right channels could lead to confusion and obstacles. You must be careful with the people who work with you.

Your experiences will pay off and stop you from getting into a serious non-negotiable situation with authorities.

Blessings flow through your life, it means that something will heal better after you put the things that need to be collected and deposited with the concerned authorities.

As you connect to this vision , you are surrounded by these purple lotuses multiplying in your aura body. Send these lotuses to all the hearts of those who feel a lack of love. Especially healing the heart of your life.

Make changes at work to create a new financial source that leaves you feeling happy. Listen to advise and then take the next step to success with the results of excellence and excitement.

You will be able to succeed if you are willing to think things through, and with wisdom and insight motivate your co-workers to follow your lead. Your life is moving in a positive direction for your success