The BJP and Shiv Sena contested 2014 state assembly elections separately after they failed to arrive at a seat-sharing formula. However, they formed the government in the alliance after the elections as none of them was able to secure the majority on its own.

The mandate is being misused and abused in the most dangerous fashion. Appropriation of leaders like Gandhi, Patel, Ambedkar being done with an aim of misinterpreting their true messages to further their nefarious agenda

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the first 100 days of his government were defined by change, determination, improvement and good intention.

Mourning the demise of eminent lawyer, many leaders including BJP President Amit Shah remembered him as witty and courageous person, full of life.

Jethmalani served as the law minister and the urban development minister in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee cabinet. He had also served as the Chairman of Bar Council of India.

20 per cent of the demand for grants for ministries such as road transport and highways, agriculture and farmer's welfare, railways, rural development were discussed in Lok Sabha.The release also said 94 per cent first-term MPs participated in a debate during the session and 96 per cent women MPs participated.

The amendment provides for a reduction in the tenure of chairpersons of national and state human rights bodies to three years from the current five years.

The AIMIM chief said victims of mob violence will not be forgotten. He said he had proposed a bill to strengthen, investigation and prosecution is lynching incidents.

PM Modi is expected to underline role of ministers of state in the running of ministries and may ask Cabinet ministers to give their deputies adequate responsibilities.