The sensation begins simultaneously expanding in your heart and third eye chakra. Be with this stillness and absorb happiness.

You tend to weigh the pros and cons and then take important decisions but they end up beinglate. Taking into account all that others are doing that is completely productive and happy.

With each breath, the vision becoming stronger. You are illuminating yourself to be soul spirit. Unified intuition and you, and, the connection to the Divine field giving you new access to new energy, you are entering this portal now as you read this.

Happier times will be a good way to start your day, and keeping it all safe from the people who love to criticise, stay with all those you unconditionally love and trust.

Challenges are many but you will be great at solving them in the shortest possible time. Generate revenue and your relationships with others will also improve as you consolidate your new negotiation abilities.

The next nine meditations are consolidating the psychic energy impulses in your spinal cord and invigorating them with a greater connection to the heart of healing.

Travel for work will bring you a lot of gains in the coming weeks. Not satisfied by the ordinary and mundane affairs, you will be planning and creating bigger plans, that will yield big results.

Walking away from complications will be the smartest move that you will initiate today. Listen to your instincts and acknowledge that your destiny is truly important to the end result going in your favour.

The great messengers, through divine messages, the prophets, the saints, the masters, the guides have all descended on Planet Earth to declare to mankind to walk the path of goodwill, harmony and friendship.

Managing your life is a great journey with your family and for you to be successful, you have to be with the light guiding you towards your success.