poll rally

"Narendra Modi coined a good slogan of Make in India but not a single factory has been set up. He is selling everything - Indian Oil, Air India, Hindustan Petroleum, Railways and even Red Fort. He may sell even the Taj Mahal," said Gandhi addressing a rally in Jangpura.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah expressed concern over thin turn-out at his poll rally and suggested solutions for the same but only a part of his speech was picked up and reported by certain sections of media.

Amit Shah addressed a poll rally in Chatra, Jharkhand. However, the wrong and misleading reportage of his speech by certain sections of media has raised many eyebrows.

The Prime Minister said that the traditional water system should be revamped in villages and a system should be developed where the household water is recycled and is used for irrigation.

This was the first rally by Sonia Gandhi after assuming the post of Congress chief.However, the party has not given the specific reason for the sudden change in the plan.

Addressing a press conference in New Delhi, Union Minister Rajnath Singh expressed confidence that BJP will win more seats in 2019 Lok Sabha elections as compared to 2014.

"When I became the Prime Minister, I was called 'jawano ke khoon ka dalaal, Mussolini, Gadaffi, Hitler, mentally disturbed, neech. They called me worthless, worse than Aurangzeb, dishonest, Natwarlal. They even abused my mother by asking who was my father," PM Modi said.