The workers were demanding that they should be sent back to their native places. "We did not get our salary since March. We don't have money left," a worker said.

The couple, Puja and Dishank, entered into wedlock in the ceremony held at the bride's house with just six people in attendance.

Acting swiftly on scribe’s tweet, the Gujarat administration came forward and gave him the permission to travel to his native place so that he can attend his mother’s last rites.

The whole incident was recorded on CCTV camera. A man was seen narrowly escaping as the car lost balance and hit a few two-wheelers parked along the road, before bumping on the pole.

Roma, who hails from Surat won these laurels in the competition held in Moscow. Her brother Abhishek Shah also participated in the competition and was able to win a bronze medal.

Gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) on Saturday arrested three persons from Surat in connection with the murder of saffron leader Kamlesh Tiwari.

In a democracy, the party in power should tolerate criticism by the opposition. Rahul ji had said Lalit Modi and Nirav Modi are thieves and Narendra Modi is a failure.

The members of the transgender community, however, said that they should not be punished because of the crime committed by another person.

Nikisha's model has received acclamation from the students who affirm that the invention will be very helpful for them.

Most of the students of his CA STARS are first-generation learners and their parents are low wage workers, footpath vendors, small farmers or rickshaw drivers and even some are orphans.