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Colours of upcoming iPhone 14 leaks, this new shade might surprise you

Most of the hues are known to be the usual ones, while there is a couple of surprises as well. 



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New Delhi: After rumours around iPhone 14’s specs, battery, camera and other features, an Apple Leaker has leaked the colours in which the new phone will come in. Most of the hues are known to be the usual ones, while there is a couple of surprises as well.

According to @Jioriku, the entry-level iPhone 14 will be launched in Green, Purple, Blue, Black, White and Red. Apple is also launching iPhone 14 pro, and it is expected to be available in Green, Purple, Silver, Gold, and Graphite colours. While the black, white, blue and red hues were expected, purple came in as a surprise. iPhone 12 got a purple model, but this colour was missing in the iPhone 13.

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The purple colour is said to have replaced the pink. iPhone 13 got a pastel pink shade but the company is expected to go for purple for iPhone 14. While in the iPhone 14 Pro, purple is expected to replace the Sierra Blue shade.

With a lot of rumours about the colours and features of the upcoming iPhone, only time can tell what it will actually look like. However, these leaks have risen the level of excitement among gadget lovers.

Launch date and expected price

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are expected to be launched in September 2022, though, a particular date has not been revealed by the firm. The iPhone 14 is said to cost $799 in the US, which is around Rs 63,638 in India when converted. However, it is expected to have a similar price as that of the iPhone 13, which was launched for Rs Rs 79,990.