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Portugal: Health minister resigns after pregnant Indian tourist dies due to lack of hospital staff

Health Minister Marta Temido’s resignation has been accepted by the country’s Prime Minister Antonio Costa. 





New Delhi: In a shocking incident, a pregnant Indian tourist passed away in Portugal after she was turned away from a maternity ward. Taking responsibility for the death, Portuguese Heath Minster Marta Temido resigned from her post. Her resignation has been accepted by the country’s Prime Minister Antonio Costa.

Woman’s baby survives

The woman turned from the maternity ward of the hospital as it was full. She died on the way when she was being transferred to another hospital. It is reported that the woman’s baby has survived and is stable.

According to media reports, the woman succumbed to a cardiac arrest while being transferred.

Accepting the minister’s resignation, PM Costa thanked Temido for her work during the peak time of COVID-19. He also praised her effort in organising a successful vaccination campaign against COVID-19.

Health Staff crisis in Portugal 

In Portugal, Temido joined the health minister’s office in 2018. The 48-year-old is also an expert in hospital administration. However, the COVID-19 pandemic severely affected the country’s health system. The country is facing the temporary closures of public hospital emergency services. The hospitals are running out of staff.

Owing to this, Temido has been under severe pressure, including from inside her socialist party.