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Superstores in Arab countries remove Indian products after objectionable remarks against Prophet Muhammad by BJP spokesperson

After the major criticism, BJP suspended Nupur Sharma and leader Naveen Jindal from party’s primary membership

New Delhi: Several middle eastern countries including Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain have called out for a boycott of Indian products from their superstores on social media.

The outrage comes after Bharatiya Janta Pary (BJP) spokesperson Nupur Sharma allegedly made some objectionable remarks against Prophet Mohammed during a panel discussion on an Indian news channel.

A large number of Twitter users in these countries including the Grand Mufti of Oman called out for a mass boycott of Indian products in the middle eastern countries. Several stores have reportedly removed Indian products after the row.

Many of the users further went on for a searing attack against Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the matter.

Grand Mufti of Oman Sheikh Al-Khalili tweeted:

After the major criticism, BJP came into a deferifinsive mode and claed its stand on the matter, while also suspending Nupur Sharma and leader Naveen Jindal from party’s primary membership.

In a statement released on Sunday, general secretary Arun Singh esserted, “is strongly against any ideology which insults or demeans any sect or religion, and it respects all religions and strongly denounces insult of any religious personality”.

“The BJP does not promote such people or philosophy”, he further said.