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Who was Huu Can Tran, suspect in Los Angeles mass shooting who killed self in van?

Who is Huu Can Tran? -72 year old man suspected of carrying out a shooting in Monterey Park in California.

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Huu Can Tran

New Delhi: Huu Can Tran, 72, the man suspected of carrying out a shooting in Monterey Park in California was found dead inside a white cargo van.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna said a handgun was also found in the vehicle.

He also said five men and five women lost their lives in the shooting.

Who is Huu Can Tran?

Huu Can Tran said the man was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound following a standoff.

Police said they found several pieces of evidence that link Huu Can Tran to both the mass shooting in Monterey Park that killed 10 and left 10 injured.

Several close acquaintances have reported that the suspect frequently visited the dance studio where 10 people were killed and met his ex-wife there two decades ago,

 The suspected gunman, Huu Can Tran, allegedly killed 10 people on Saturday before he shot himself after a manhunt.

Two decades ago, he and his ex-wife had first met at the popular community centre and got married. She also said that the 72-year-old was never violent to her.

The couple was divorced in 2005.

Reports said the accused frequently visited the dance studio. But for now, it’s not clear on when was the last time he visited.