Astrology 2019: Message of the Day (January 9)

Written by Newsroom Staff January 9, 2019 17:25

The message of the Day – By Renooji

As the heart expands to bring in more of the light, the conclusions and consequences are unfolding in the light.

Creative patterns are flowing through your aura body of wisdom and strength. Know that you are slowly improving your life circumstances ahead by remaining in the light of gratitude. How does one know whether one is grateful only in the moment because things are going the way we want them to go, or is it a  permanent  state? The only way we will really get a glimpse of our true response state of gratitude is, when we will have an opportunity to heal a situation longer than our expected estimate. I love you all dearly. You are in my heart surrounded by the light of gratitude. Progress, prosperity, power, professionalism, patience and personal abilities are following your every step. Healing hugs of gratitude. Love from the heart.

Chakras to heal :

Liver chakra
Heart chakra
Temple chakras
Root chakra.