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Astrology 2022: Message of the Day (July 13)

Freedom from all guilt!

Message of the day

There are healers who continue their journey with the light,even though they are not renowned for their practice, but they have special powers bestowed upon them by their master to affect a huge healing change. There are various changes that readily appear in the life of those receiving the healing and the person receiving and the person giving; both begin to move towards more success. Even when we utter the names, sounds of the healing process; they are so powerful that they effect the transference of the light immediately and everyone can feel the presence of the universal exchange of consciousness and love. It is said that we must remain in the space of healing with enormous power to keep the connection with the other, till the maximum energy is transferred. So today, let us wholeheartedly invoke our parents, our teachers, our elders and our Master to keep us purified and in the auspicious light of sharing and giving and receiving. Healing hugs of ultimate radiance. Love from the concentrated pure realm.

Do I willingly share the light?
This goes without saying as I channel the light; healing exchange finally depends on the karma of the person receiving the healing.