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Astrology 2023: Message of the Day (February 03)

We seldom reflect upon what we give to others.





As the melodramatic soul self engages with the heart of life and living and engages with family and friends, there is an absolute attachment to loving others and the flavour of fun. Yet each one of us has a different standard of love and fun, and all our life we are engaged in searching instead of living and enjoying. This search of the outer self; as it engages with the world, this universe, these people and all the others who we interact with , leaves us always wanting more. The endless pursuit of fun and exciting things done and experienced in togetherness leaves us always feeling
short changed and wanting more. We seldom reflect upon what we give to others. Our quest in only to see what we got and to complain about all the things that could have been better. Today, spend a few moments in reflecting on your life, your behaviour and especially thinking about what you can give others. Heal on to create a better person of yourself. Healing hugs of grace. Love from the heart of all the others.

Heal this chakra-
Crown Chakra-The cool sentient golden light is present here.
The healer aspires to be present in this world to administer the light to other souls to qualify them for their own personal spiritual needs.

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