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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (August 28)

Aura Guidance for 28.08.2022 (all 12 signs)

Aura Guidance for 28.08.2022 (all 12 signs)


“Consider yourself moving forward to your work place at least for a few hours and then move to your appointment with a loved one. Rejoice in all you do today. Someone with more experience, or with more knowledge will help you cross the bridge of delay. Continue to stay positive.”

2. Taurus

“Thank people around you and tell them to keep their support and move on today as you need to be more productive than just being available. This information is not to make you feel dubious but in fact rejig your life. Stretch your role for the betterment of life and prosperity.”


“Someone you truly love is looking out for your welfare but you have to respect their input. You are very special and loved by all those around you forever. Relax and chill out to be refreshed. You can focus on getting ahead in all your relationships with others but there will be someone special you will have to make extra effort to help them.”

4. Cancer

“There are a lot of possibilities and you will make some exemplary choices that lead you unto the road to success. Make your decisions based on deep thought and wise judgement. Strong advice comes your way through your relationships with others and people you live with. Listening is your personal choice.”

5. Leo


“Having a concrete plan today will be beneficial to you for the future journey. Continue your educational pursuits as there is an important decision to make regarding your financial patterns unfolding. There will be an international visitor or an important meeting in your office today and will call upon your business acumen to see it through.”

6. Virgo­­­


“Your understanding of the situation is not holding you back, but your laziness could be a major reason. You can gain positive ground and strength to get through the day by just making efforts to move ahead. Picking up skills and improving your finances will be beneficial to your family.”


“Charging with the light will lead to a long day but you will be happy with the results. As the red light becomes brighter today, there will be many situations that need attention will come up and you will be happy to address them all satisfactorily. Gathered for a celebration a group of people will need your help in advance to get the results they want.”

8. Scorpio

“Continuous demands of your job and short travels keep you updated on all that is happening around you. You will be needed at home, recognised for the excellence at work and appreciated by your extended friend groups. Cherished is the world you live in.”

9. Sagittarius

“Romance can be budding for some of you. You can gain ground by planning ahead for future projects well in time. Something that you are not prepared to talk about may be spoken and may lead to a lot of heartache and helplessness, leading you to be angry either with the other or yourself.”

10. Capricorn

“There are better things to do with your day. Honesty will be your only way out. Once you have your plans in order then share them with the others. Avoid anyone who makes you feel inadequate and compassion awakened should lead you away from this toxicity. Shouldering additional responsibility for the health, protection and safety of another will not be a burden.”

11. Aquarius


“Your ideas and your plan will make you more sure and confident in your approach to deal with your intellect and with others. This will work for you and lead you to a successful execution of the business, as you move ahead you will learn to appreciate yourself and gather more knowledge on how to conclude meetings and make decisions for great deals.”

12. Pisces

“Generous is the spirit and it inspires you to put forth your best. You will be happy at the end of the day and that will give you the much needed rest you have been looking for the past few weeks of overwork and stress. Make your decisions based on sound advice and a collaborative consensus for the future happiness of the family to be looked after.”

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