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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (August 9)

You are very special to the family and your finances are supportive of a
great holiday or entertainment that gladdens everyone’s heart.

Aura Guidance for 09.08.2023 (all 12 signs)

1. Aries


“There are likely to be some defections that could end up being the most difficult part of the
day. Consolidate your finances and work with your family to create a pleasant day. Take care of
your health and look out for a new business opportunity to inspire success.”

2. Taurus

“You must take the next step forward that you have been avoiding. Generosity and enjoyment
of the divine wisdom will take you to a new flavour of your sweet karmic resonance unfolding.
Others will feel attracted by the warmth of your heart.”

3. Gemini


You will find yourself in a good place with your heart desires, fulfilling all your life experiences
with pleasure. You will work hard and look for answers within. Newer sources of income are
flowing and being created for you out of nowhere. Enjoy your life and live it unconditionally.”

4. Cancer


“Supportive spiritual energies leave you confident. The ability to relate well with others is also
awe-inspiring as you are taking the front stage after a long time. There may be an off-again-on-again
relationship at work that has the power to disturb you.

5. Leo


“Resistance and challenges from people outside the family could hinder your progress.
Continue to focus on whatever you need to choose from the pack of opportunities, and know
that you will make a good choice. Contributions from your parents will help you buy property or
invest in stocks.”

6. Virgo


“Be reassured that you are fully protected and your relationships with others are truly
supportive. Today you will take out your frustrations with your family and there could be a fight
of a dispute just waiting to explode. Your feelings for friends and your emotional responses are
not possible to understand unless you explain your point of view.”

7. Libra


“You are enabled to make a big difference and move ahead with a lot of grit and determination.
A whole new perspective awaits you. Love your life, and know that you are close to completion
and you know it is something that you have to push through and know in your heart that you
have put your best into it.”

8. Scorpio


“Trivial issues and some anger will retard your growth, and healing energies of compassion
awakened in your heart will help to make a life for others definitely better. Extraordinary events
and the love of a special person keep you happy and content.”

9. Sagittarius


“Creation of a new frontier of artistic nature is gaining strength and you will be surprised by all
that you will complete today. Express your true vision and introspect with your own attitudes.
Just be good to yourself. Continuous inroads into someone else’s territory could bring a
whiplash on the professional front.”

10. Capricorn


“As your articulate your sentiments, things will begin to make more sense to you. You have a
great sense of assimilating new ideas. There are many surprises waiting for you today. Most of
them connected to your relationships. Real world responsibilities could pattern your new ways
of doing things.”

11. Aquarius


“Chances are that someone will stand up for you and your work ethics but you need to control
your temper. Generous helpings from the Universe will enlighten your work processes and an
old friend or acquaintance will step in to create new bonds, new connections.”

12. Pisces


“Your throat chakra is opening and your ability to communicate with the other has consolidated
your positive destiny. You are very special to the family and your finances are supportive of a
great holiday or entertainment that gladdens everyone’s heart.”

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