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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (March 21)

Create happiness and prosperity for your life as well





1. Aries


“Changes at work are troubling you, but eventually when you understand the work, you will realise the actual change was very good for you. Choosing a life partner is an obsession with some of you. You are lonely and if single will be serious in your endeavours.”

2. Taurus


“Confronting you today is a decision about investments in a new project and you are ready for the plunge. Knowingly delaying your attention to the others is creating a rift that leaves you stressed. Forgiving yourself and moving ahead is better than trying to make someone see your point of view.”

3. Gemini


“Trust your intuition and your desires will be appreciated by the results they bring at the end of the day. Just being stress free makes you happy. You don’t have a problem communicating or starting a discussion, but keeping to the topic and sticking to the point of view makes you rethink your plan and this can get stressful today.”

4. Cancer


“The experiences and situations that come up today will be very beneficial to the future course of life. The people around you will take an interest in what you do today rather than your future plans. Of course you will inspire others to achieve success but you will end up helping them with their work today.”

5. Leo


“There will be an exciting opportunity ahead for you to spread your wings and soar. There may be a chance for you to pick up where you left of in your romantic relationship. Tension may mount and peak, but all is well. A situation can only become more calm and controllable when there are willing participants.”

6. Virgo


“Party politics and solid plans for others to play their games is evident. There has to be a pact with all the people involved to stay calm as long as it does not harm your work and investments. Opportunities are plenty and you need to refocus on all that you can step forward and do.”

7. Libra


“You are in a serious frame of mind and no amount of fun will distract you from your mission. You are dealing with matters of great financial responsibility. Ensure that you do not let others take responsibility of your work, and you get side-lined. Changes ahead are inevitable.”

8. Scorpio


“People will watch what you do in the moment more than what you plan to do. Your plans for the future are full of special circumstances, and the good thing is that you are always surprised by the novelty, and you are bold at the moment to create fitness and health.”

9. Sagittarius


“Your work may cause some things to happen today with the family which will make you happy. Create happiness and prosperity for your life as well. You will do well with your business investments and interactions with the extended business community.”

10. Capricorn


“You attend your family functions and spend family time creating happiness for all involved. It will be a great day to move forward with a big decision about your financial investments. Bothering you for a long time and now sorting out will be a conflict situation in your love life. Just be patient.”

11. Aquarius


“Try to stay calm and composed as your professional identity is more clearly defined and financially protected and safe. You want the perfect relationship with your work and workmates and everything is moving towards that today. You will be happy and loved.”

12. Pisces


“You are going through the process today of being introspective with your heart desires, and soon you will inspire others to achieve as well. On the romance front, be good to your loved ones and you will get the same love back. Things look great and promising with your love centre. If money is a strong issue, stall discussions as they could lead to some financial investments going wrong.”


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