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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (September 23)

Natural elements of leadership and excellence in your personality today will not allow you suffer fools easily today.




Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji

Aura Guidance for23.09.2022 (all 12 signs)

1. Aries

“Take a greater interest in your family dynamics and make special time to show them how much you love them. You are completely dovetailed into your work commitments but there will always be happiness and joy with others that you care about.”

2. Taurus

“Better at negotiating with the new organisation, you will be able to convert everything into new business. You may find a new way of organising and keeping your socialising calendar full, but there is someone vying for your undivided attention. Be attentive and supportive.”

3. Gemini

“This is in fact a good day to figure out new ways of doing old things. It is all about experimentation. Travel for work could be happening for many of you. Gathering the light of love into your aura body and getting the intuitive response from the centre of comfort ensures that you will be happy with loving life today.”

4. Cancer

“Meditate, do yoga and prepare for a long few weeks of stress. No matter how much you try to put things right in the family, there will be someone in control who has the power to intimidate all concerned. Continue to make the effort for togetherness but at the same time do not neglect your work priority.”

5. Leo

“There could be some anxieties about the future but they will be put to rest at the end of the day. Concentrate on your work and wellness in your journey of life will manifest. The harrowing story of someone close to you will need financial strength and support from you, whether you will be able to support is altogether another point to ponder upon.”

6. Virgo

“Build up your confidence and continue to build on the resources. You will be confused and drained by the expectations of others, till you put a barrier of this much and no more. Drained and tired with no barriers in place some of you may be tired and fatigued, but there is good news.”

7. Libra

“What you want is earnest hard work to earn more money and respect. Your conformance in yourself is strong and you will walk tall. Though things are difficult, you will find your luck supporting your every move. While you work to achieve your targets, the world around you will have a tendency to party harder.”

8. Scorpio

“Making testing professional decisions can happen if you stand your ground. Negotiate a solution as you may not be in an amicable position. There should be a financial windfall for you and you can continue the work schedule for the work so that there are no hiccups.”

9. Sagittarius

“Your energy levels may be low but you are a go getter and will make the time to please all. If you are involved in a volatile relationship, sharing and dividing assets may be what you will be doing today. Inherited emotional happiness will be also easy to share.”

10. Capricorn

“Financial dreams are also becoming a reality and this makes you truly happy. Someone far away from home is missing you and will need some support. Gathering courage to speak the truth may pass you by and then it will be too late.”

11. Aquarius

“Success and failure do not impact your ideas of life as you are beyond being controlled by past memories as you know that this is a new positive cycle of happiness and prosperity for you and your family. So businessmen should work hard and encash on the opportunity. Love yourself and your family.”

12. Pisces

“There is no harm in being pushy and bossy as all the purple energies moving through your aura are creating strong success energy in all you endeavour to achieve. Natural elements of leadership and excellence in your personality today will not allow you suffer fools easily today.”

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