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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac & forecast (November 20)

Financially all that you create will empower you to continue on the path of truthfulness and individuality.





Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji

Aura Guidance for20.11.2022 (all 12 signs)

1. Aries

“As the happy energies of the red healing light expand, there will be good news connected to expansion of your work. You are wanting to be happy but changing the world is definitely your mission. Move with your siblings to orchestrate a celebratory mood. The patterns of an old commitment are coming to fruition.”

2. Taurus

“Trust your intuitive voice of new reason. Gathering clouds will hamper your mood of togetherness and your spiritual wisdom sees you through the journey ahead with the blessings of the elders. You will not be easily fooled as you are fully protected by a violet light at your third eye chakra and your inner soul self centred consciousness is guiding you towards new destinations.”

3. Gemini

“Challenges emotionally are flowing through your aura body and compassion should be the sentiment. What you hear today maybe convincing, but when you dig deeper there will be some truths that will be revealing new insights. Some controversial changes that are not suitable to you will be imprints in your soul.”

4. Cancer

“You are put in the limelight and your desires will inspire others to achieve excellence in their life. Creating disharmony within the family is not a wise way to do things. Ostensibly family will be very strong and you will be involved in a financial deal that leaves you wealthy.”

5. Leo

“At the end of the day there is much rejoicing and celebrations with others in your camp. Something someone says is annoying but it is not the end of the world, and it is definitely not something to carry forward and break relationships about. There will be a great opportunity to counsel someone. Use it well and keep relationships intact.”

6. Virgo

“There will be someone standing between your success and the decision you need to make to facilitate. Truth will be the deciding choice for your life circumstances surrounding you and your family togetherness will inspire you to take the new route. Your personality and your relationships are always appreciated by the grace you have achieved in your personal space.”

7. Libra

“You are very formidable in your approach to handling money and if happiness unfolds, then it is up-to you to take this opportunity and convert this into an asset building exercise. Purposefully trying hard to work with the others will reflect in your evaluation. Proceed with caution if someone has been or is using personal information to create a new source of business.”

8. Scorpio

“You will be faced with new opportunities ahead and choices made will be very beneficial to your success. Don’t let your flashy light and life restyle your attitude and get the better of you, as hard work is demanded today. Starting to work with the people who are truly important to the work will leave you feeling satisfied and others will appreciate your input.”

9. Sagittarius

“Financial decisions will play an important part and may take up much of your time getting through the day. Uncertainty in a relationship could cause some heartache at the end of the day. A lack of vision in both your personal and professional relationships will get you into a reclusive corner.”

10. Capricorn

“Learn from past experiences in order to give your best today. Kept moving and give your best. Learn that you can do more work and can live life with less. Leaving things for tomorrow may not be such a good idea. Do things that make you proud and satisfied with the life experiences that are coming your way.”

11. Aquarius

“Sometimes a slower lead will help you build a solution foundation. Conceding the goals of success with your sibling will help you love being able to make your own work more stable and the future bright. Continue to take your responsibility actions and stop worrying about the future. Financially all that you create will empower you to continue on the path of truthfulness and individuality.”

12. Pisces

“There may be some apprehensions from the past few days that are slowing down your confidence, but learn from your past experiences in order to take good decisions this morning. Move in a positive direction – learn that you can do with less and be proud of all that you do.”

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