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Kolkata FF Fatafat, Sept 16: Check the winning numbers till afternoon slots

If your are looking for some alternative way to earn extra cash. Kolkata FF Fatafat is your place to go.

New Delhi: The current rate of inflation in India is at an all-time high, and the ongoing increase in the cost of daily necessities has made it challenging to get by on an average salary.

Low income and expensive expenses drive people to turn to a variety of shady ways in order to supplement their income. Some even fall victim to the scam loan sharks, who keep them in an endless cycle where they end up paying more in interest than they originally borrowed.

The Kolkata City Authority developed Kolkata FF Fatafat as an innovative strategy to deal with situations like these and give their people a fun chance to make some extra money.

In Kolkata FF Fatafat, a traditional lottery game based on luck, you can potentially make some extra money with minimum risk, that is, if your stars align. The only requirement is that you must be a resident of Kolkata, also known as “The City of Joy.”

Entry into the game is a pretty easy process. You have two options for purchasing tickets, i.e. you can either buy the tickets online or offline in the store that is closest to you. You must have the exact same number combination as the winning one in order to be eligible to collect the award.

The results are revealed in eight instalments from Monday till Saturday and in four instalments on Sundays. The first number is released at 8:30 in the morning, and the last number is released at 8:30 in the night. The numbers are revealed in online mode so that you can check your number at your convenience.

Before you check the winning numbers for today, we want to make it clear that we have no affiliation with Kolkata FF Fatafat and urge you not to get dependent on it because you can end up losing more than you could win.

Check out the winnings numbers for Kolkata FF Fatafat, for September 16: