Ahmed got the infection from his son who is still undergoing treatment. However, Ahmed is now fit and is maintaining social distance from his family members, thus, obeying the prescribed instructions.

As stated in a 2018 editorial, mAbs directed against pathogens are unlikely to be used routinely due to their high cost and requirement for parenteral administration; however, they may be especially useful for certain emerging infectious diseases.

While Dungarpur and Ajmer have reported 2 coronavirus cases each, Alwar and Chittorgarh have 1 case each.

Maharashtra with 15,525 cases is the worst-affected state, while Gujarat with 6,245 cases is second on the list.

According to a statement released by PMO, “Indian vaccine companies have come across as innovators in early stage vaccine development research. Over 30 Indian vaccines are in different stages of vaccine development, with few going on to trial stages.”

Orders for 2.22 crore PPE kits have already been placed, of which orders to the tune of 1.42 crore have been placed with the domestic manufacturers and 80 lakh PPE kits are being imported.

It is worth mentioning that allegations were levelled earlier against the West Bengal government for hiding coronavirus cases and deaths in the State.

Of the 67 cases, 25 were from Kurnool district, 13 from Guntur, eight from Krishna, two each from Ananthapur, Kadapa, and Visakhapatnam and one from Nellore district.

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in India reached 46,433, including 1,568 deaths, according to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Tuesday.