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Central India’s startup, Chalk Learn – Taking education on hybrid mode

The sole aim and vision of Chalk Learn are to empower 1000+ Schools and 3,00,000+ students across at least 15 States by the year 2025.

Indore: Chalk Learn is empowering and enabling Schools as their E-Learning Partner in making their education system convenient by supporting them with technical support and quality content so they can venture into Hybrid Learning – Future of Modern-day Education.

The response to the idea and the product has been overwhelming, with Schools from various States like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh showing keen interest in getting associated with us as their key E-Learning Partner.

The sole aim and vision of Chalk Learn are to empower 1000+ Schools and 3,00,000+ students across at least 15 States by the year 2025.

With the advent of technological advancements, Founder, Jai Sharma, along with his two accomplices, conceptualized and conceived Chalk Learn Edtech Pvt. Ltd. a major breakthrough start-up working in the domain of Education Technology at the start of the year 2022.

In view of the above, Sharma firstly addressed the various challenges the Schools are facing these days, which can’t be overlooked in the future of Students and Schools.

The first and foremost challenge is the massive change that has come across regarding Pedagogy and Teaching Methodology. One other challenge the schools face is the quality of teachers and education.

Another major obstacle is the quality of delivered content, which needs to be at par with National and International Standards. One another major obstacle the schools are facing is bridging the gap in learning between curriculum and various competitive exams.

Smart Classes and Infrastructure is yet another big challenge that Schools face in terms of Cost and Execution.

Sharma further emphasized how Chalk Learn Hybrid E-Learning Model is changing the face of the entire scenario of the Education Industry.

He elaborated that Classroom Teaching coupled with Online Learning paves the way for students to understand better and achieve academic excellence.

To overcome the above-mentioned challenges, Chalk Learn Edtech Pvt. Ltd. has developed a cutting-edge solution for the Schools. Chalk Learn predominantly acts as an E-Learning Partner to schools by creating a dedicated White Label App, i.e. an App in the School’s Brand Name. The App is loaded with many features which solve the quality of teachers and education. Centralized Online Learning expands the students’ horizons with the help of Qualified and Experienced Teachers.

A White Label App also helps the schools to cut massive investment costs in building Smart Classes and also developing software for them. Chalk Learn has already loaded meticulously content based on NCERT Curriculum for Classes 6th – 12th, along with courses for competitive exams like NEET and JEE.

In addition, Chalk Learn also facilitates Live Online Classes and Doubt Clearing sessions through its various in-house qualified and experienced teachers.

Apart from the content support provided by Chalk Learn, the School also has the liberty to create and upload content designed for the students. Moreover, a White Label App enhances the visibility of the School’s Brand Name, increasing Students Admissions and Revenues.