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Coming soon on Ullu OTT: ‘I Love You’ and ‘HoneyTrap’; bold web series laced with fun

She plays a aloof character in the series, who can go to extremes to get rid of her loneliness.





New Delhi: Despite the flurry of web series releases on multiple OTT platforms including Netflix, Amazon Prime & others, Ullu App has its own charm & appeal, owing to its bold & daring web series. Though the OTT App has a wide array of collections pertaining to various genres but the Bhojpuri & bold web series make the USP of Ullu App.

While the year heads to a close, the Ullu App has planned a big line-up of web series and movies. Talking about latest upcoming releases, there are some series already creating waves ahead of its premiere. ‘I Love You’ and ‘Honey Trap’ are among the latest Ullu OTT series that are awaiting release in next few days.

Honey Trap

This web series laced with bold & hot scenes is coming soon on the Ullu platform. Honey Trap is the story of a girl who lives life on her own terms and hasn’t learnt to compromise. She plays a aloof character in the series, who can go to extremes to get rid of her loneliness. The trailer shows her gulping some medicines laced with honey and thereafter he life changes. This web series is set for release on November 15.

I Love You

This web series revolves around love triangle – a clichéd topic of the industry. It will also release this month. It’s trailer hit the internet recently & is also drawing attention of many people. The story plot is about 2 girls and 1 boy, capturing their tumultuous emotional journey of being in relationship.

Takk Part II

The first part of Takk Part I had received lot of appreciation & praise. It was then the makers decided to delve deep and develop Part II of the series. The Takk Part II release on November 11. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s time to take a break & watch it.