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Shark Tank India 2: Shark Anupam Mittal replies to Industrialist Harsh Goenka’s tweets

The Sharks are needed to be re-considered. He compared them with the movie, “Jaws and bleeding”.

Pritinanda Behera




New Delhi: From the start itself the hype for Shark Tank India 2 has never faded. Whether it is on the positive side or negative, the sharks and pitchers of Shark Tank India 2 have always been in between discussions.

Recently, industrialist Harsh Goenka posted a series of tweets revealing data on how the three Sharks Anupam Mittal, Namita Thapar, and Amit Jain are experiencing huge losses. However, according to the data he shared, Aman Gupta is the only shark who is in profit so far.

Taking it to Twitter he said he enjoyed watching the program and marked the show as a great platform for fresh new entrepreneurs. But, according to him, the Sharks are needed to be re-considered. He compared them with the movie, “Jaws and bleeding”.

In contrast to the tweets, shark Anupam Mittal came up with a reply. He said the industrialist seems to be ‘superficial and biased’. Harsh Goenka has tweeted and made judgments with incomplete data. By the conclusion, he said that sharks always bleed in blue, unlike others in red and that’s why they do what they do.

However, to this, fans and netizens replied to the Tweet that Anupam Mittal being a shark in the show should have replied to the industrialist with complete data rather than just words.

Earlier, a similar report was posted by author Ankit Uttam via Linked In. Uttam has shown how the companies are running into losses after receiving pieces of advice from the sharks. According to him, the sharks of this season are less experienced in this field, so they should not be considered to give any business advice to the entrepreneurs.