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Tiger Shroff turns 33! Here are the biggest controversies triggered by the actor

As Tiger Shroff commemorates his 33rd birthday today, here are some of the largest issues sparked by him:

New Delhi: Tiger Shroff is a popular Bollywood actor who already has established himself as a superb performer and action movie star. However, he is yet to receive recognition for his acting and many say that he displays the same articulation in every shot. Despite the such critique, Jackie Shroff’s son has a massive fan base and is the pretty boy of countless young girls.

As Tiger Shroff commemorates his 33rd birthday today, here are some of the largest issues sparked by him:

1. Gender biases

In one of his 2017 interview sessions, the Baaghi actor stated it’s impossible for him to dance like a girl because he aspires to be a tough guy. Many people reacted negatively to this statement, accusing the actor of being gender bias.

tiger shroff

2. Product of Nepotism

It is correct that Tiger got his first movie because he was a member of the movie industry. However, in one of the interviews, he rejected to be in Bollywood due to his links, claiming that he worked hard to get to where he is now. Many individuals on social media chastised him for refusing to accept the fact that he benefited from his father’s celebrity. Nonetheless, Tiger has repeatedly demonstrated that he can carry a film on his own.

3. Rude toward fans

Tiger is usually calm in interviews and on stage. However, certain remarks or actions have frequently triggered the young actor’s rage, resulting in extremely terrible behavior with fans.

tiger shroff

4. Housewives like girls

Many were taken aback when Tiger Shroff said he preferred homemakers like girls and wanted his wife to massage him after he returns home from work, prepare meals, and oversee the house. It sparked a major uproar, with many Bollywood fans castigating him for promoting gender discrimination. However, the actor eventually discovered that he had meant it as a joke and was not concerned.

5. RGV’s transgender claim

Once director Ram Gopal Varma stated that “ Tiger is the greatest woman he has ever witnessed, he was implying that Tiger is transgender. Whereas the War actor failed to react to this remark, RGV, later on, apologized for saying so.