Complaint against IPS officer of Andhra cadre for alleged hate speech against Hindus

As per the complaint, Kumar runs an organization by the name “Ambedkar’s India Mission”. It is from this platform that he allegedly made hate speeches against majority population and tried to peddle communal based politics.

Avatar Written by June 10, 2021 20:20
IPS officer- Sunil Kumar

New Delhi: After a series of social media posts accused IPS officer of Andhra Pradesh cadre PV Sunil Kumar of indulging in Hindu-bashing and making hateful remarks, the Legal Rights Observatory (LRO), a non-profit group, has lodged a complaint against him.

As per the complaint, Kumar runs an organization by the name “Ambedkar’s India Mission” and is known for hate speeches against Hindus and peddling divisive communal/caste-based politics.

The senior officer reportedly went LIVE from the official page of his organization on Nov 26, 2020 and abused the Hindu religion and sacred scriptures like Vedas and Puranas. The video, however, is no longer on Facebook.

The LRO also said that after it submitted the videos of PV Sunil Kumar where he was seen making derogatory and abusive comments against Hindu Religion, they were taken down after the complaint. However, it is also seeking strict actions from the Home Ministry.

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